This website was co-designed by Reg Parks and Angel Robustelli. Angel graduated from Napa Valley's Pacific Union College in 1995 with a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree. Shortly after graduating, she began working for a Napa-based management and technology consulting company. Two years later, Angel moved to 3Com Corporation in Santa Clara, CA as a Technical Support Engineer. After 2 years with 3Com, she was promoted to OEM Product Engineer. In this position, she works as a liaison between national and international PC vendors and 3Com hardware and software engineers to help integrate networking products into PCs.

Update: Angel is now (2009) a technical and project specialist at Symantec in the Silicon Valley.


In her pursuit of knowledge and advancement, she met Reg Parks in a technical forum approximately 5 years ago. They remained in frequent contact mostly related to issues on GIS technical systems and networking.

 In November 2001, Reg asked Angel for some help in co-designing a website. Angel began with a basic frame and page layout idea that she thought would be appropriate for his company. Reg developed the content and concept. As she and Reg discussed their ideas, the basic layout idea quickly developed into a full-scale website project, ending in what you see today. (Although, like all good companies, the website is a work in progress, and as PVTS grows, so will the website.)

Reg now manages and maintains the website in large part to the expertise and teaching abilities of Angel.


"Angel has been a joy to work with. She is bright and responsible. I would especially recommend her to anybody who is thinking about developing their first website. Technically, she is very advanced. Her interpersonal and communications skills are likewise excellent."

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"I just want to express how much I've enjoyed working on this site and working with Reg. This project has been extremely rewarding for me. I was able to meet new people in Napa Valley who I might not have otherwise had the pleasure of meeting. Also, I've learned a lot about what is involved in vineyard design, GPS and GIS services and am amazed by it all. I hope you enjoy the information and pictures on this site as much as I did while putting it all together."

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