GIS Mapping 1 - Comprehensive Ranch Mapping Services

Below are some examples of PVTS ranch maps and cave maps. Hard copy maps can be very useful but when all is said and done, they are simply a picture that becomes out of date with time. PVTS ranch and facility GIS mapping products are linked to accompanying data tables that are maintained 2-4 times per year. On their desktop computers or PDAs, clients can open an electronic map, zoom to an area, click on a feature and bring up a photo or the data table with information on that feature.

When designing a base map for a client, our projects consolidate all pre-existing survey and engineering data with high accuracy GPS data collected by our team. Because PVTS collects data with survey grade equipment (sub-centimeter accuracy),  ranch map projects can be reliably constructed at the block, row or individual plant level. An added advantage to high accuracy (sub-cm) data collection is that those data can be used with existing survey and engineering data for future development with no loss of accuracy and precision. This protects the client's investment in previously collected survey or engineering information. This value-added, service is currently offered only by PVTS within the Northern and Central Coast California winegrowing regions.

Utilizing higher order methodology and equipment, buildings, infrastructure, caves and large facilities are captured true-to-life allowing for 3D virtual space construction or as-built detail as fine as the client needs. With such accuracy and precision behind each base map, larger format photo quality maps (24x36, 36x48) provide tremendous detail or make striking marketing tools. PVTS has the latest in-house large format plotting capabilities.

Lastly, PVTS offers 3D static (below) and animated products for land development, product marketing, online presentations, computer-based presentations and complex engineering applications. Look for 3D animated examples on this site soon.


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