Client Recommendation


Crop Care Associates, Inc.



Dear Reg:

During this time of the year I typically sit down and review my last year accomplishments, other less successful efforts, and plan my new year professional objectives.  I have reviewed the notes, presentation hand-outs, and reading material I have taken at the Northern California Wine-Country GIS Users Group meetings, and wanted to write you a thank-you note for all of the hard work you have done over the past 6 years to keep this group going.

You have done a superb job at keeping the ball rolling, bringing in new, interesting, and relevant speakers, and moderating the meetings.  Considering the group has functioned without rules, by-laws, officers and all of the other trappings of an organization, the continued success has been due to your dedication to learning by sharing of GIS technology and how it can benefit wine-growers.  Please accept my heart-felt thanks for your perseverance and leadership at keeping the group active and relevant.

I also want to thank you and your company, PVTS, for the professional services you have provided to Crop Care Associates, Inc.  I have very much appreciated the speed and conscientious approach you have taken with our work orders in GIS analysis,  and I am happy to keep funneling some of the more difficult aspects of our GIS services to you.  You have been a wealth of information and I have enjoyed our exchanges of “software tricks” that we have learned that are not in the On-Line-Help manuals.

I wish you all the best for the new year and your continued success at your growing GIS services activities.


 Paul R. Anamosa, Ph.D.

Vine President and Senior Soil Scientist

Crop Care Associates, Inc.