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Phoenix Phamily Ranch & Vineyards



  To Whom It May Concern:

The Phoenix Phamily Ranch Project is indebted to Parks Vineyard and Trellising Systems (PVTS) for many reasons.

During the design phase of our project PVTS provided us with a complete ranch map and vineyard design. In addition, the rigorous preliminary GPS study uncovered an additional access easement and an additional 0.4 acres of property we were unaware we had legal rights to. The addition allowed us to add more plants and achieve much better perimeter access. It also provided us with the means to better position our barn in construction.

In the actual vineyard installation phase PVTS performed the entire block layout and trellis installation. They also installed our perimeter deer fence and all gates. We continue to receive positive comments on how well built and handsome our vineyard installation is. Our vines are surrounded and supported by the best quality materials available, thanks to PVTS. The installation remained on budget and we received high value for every dollar spent. Reg Parks was always present and available throughout the entire process and performed much of the work himself with his crew. He routinely encouraged input from us and completed the project with minimal supervision. We were living in southern California during the development phase.

PVTS continues to consult for the Phoenix Phamily Ranch project as the vineyards expand, mature and evolve. Reg Parks is now introducing us to Precision Agriculture methods to optimize our annual growing activities. Along with careful vineyard management, this technology will allow us to continue to command excellent prices for our unique Syrah fruit.

We recommend him highly for vineyard development and GIS / Precision Agriculture consulting.


Brian Janet and Richard Phoenix

Phoenix Phamily Ranch

Phoenix Phamily Vineyards

Napa, CA