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GPS and GIS Training and Support Services:



GIS Analysis Examples



PVTS is now offering training and education in GPS and GIS methods to individuals, professionals and industry. Below please find some examples of typical GIS analyses proojects and analysis methods


GIS Mapping Activities: PVTS has mapped and cataloged approximately 5500-6500+ acres of topography associated with vineyard and ranch infrastructure, small to medium municipal projects and small to medium residential projects. These projects were conducted jointly with land surveyors and individually as contracted inventory mapping projects. Additionally, PVTS provided GIS database development, custom GIS analyses and statistical models in the areas of general, environmental and agricultural land use, specialized models of agricultural processes and large format map output.


GIS Data Management of agricultural and municipal feature layers (shape file and geodatabase).


GIS Spatial Analysis and Geoprocessing of agricultural and municipal data layers:

             Terrain Analyses           -- Slope, Aspect, Hillshade, Viewshed, Contours, TINs, GRIDs


            Spatial Comparative Models     -- Cell, Neighborhood and Zonal Models, Change Detection Models and Maps

            Spatial Descriptive Models       -- Simple Density and Kernal Density Estimators

            Spatial Optimization                  -- Optimized Location / Route and Least-Cost Path Models

            Spatial Interpolation Models     -- Nearest Neighbor, Fixed Radius, Inverse Distance

        Weighted and Spline

            Spatial Predictive Models         -- Spatial Regression, Trend Surface and Krig Analyses.