P  V  T  S

Geospatial & Consulting Services



GIS Mapping and Data Technology Services:



PVTS continues to provide custom, high-precision (sub-centimeter level equipment) mapping services to the land development and agricultural industries. Our products integrate survey and engineering data with as-built and operations data to provide precise, spatially linked GIS database solutions for land use, facilities management and agricultural operations.

Typical PVTS mapping projects include work product for :

land use and planning analyses

environmental impact studies

focused vineyard production and climate models


vineyard design and development

precision agriculture prescription mapping

wine cave mapping

industrial facilities management


survey and engineering support

aerial imagery and remote sensing

2D and 3D surface modeling

custom database development and solutions.

Horizontally and vertically precise to the centimeter level, PVTS employs its own survey grade GPS  and TPS equipment to document land characteristics and create GIS models. These models are frequently used at all stages of facilities management, land / vineyard development and in the annual agricultural management process.


Other services include management and marketing databases as they pertain to vineyard and winery operations. PVTS also provides education and training in GPS mapping and GIS software methods.

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