a Geospatial Mapping Services


 Land Development Consulting Company,

specializing in:

1.) Integrated Land Surveying, GIS Mapping

and Data Technology Services:  



PVTS, in conjunction with Jerry Miller Land Surveys, now offers complete Land Surveying, Aerial Photogrammetry and custom imaging services to the north bay growing counties and beyond


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a.) Typical land survey projects include:

boundary surveys

elevation certificates

terrestrial and aerial GPS control surveys

topographic surveys

wine cave surveys

as-built facility mapping and more.....


PVTS continues to provide custom, high-precision (sub-centimeter level) mapping services to the civil engineering, land surveying, land development and agricultural industries. Our products integrate survey and engineering data with as-built and operations data to provide precise, spatially linked GIS database solutions for land use, facilities management and agricultural operations.

b.) Typical PVTS mapping projects include:

    vineyard design and development

    precision agriculture / prescription mapping

    vineyard QC and production models

    vineyard resource allocation and climate models

    environmental impact studies
    land use and planning analyses
    agricultural, industrial & municipal facilities GIS management


    aerial imagery and remote sensing

    2D and 3D surface modeling

    custom database development and GIS solutions.

Horizontally and vertically precise to the centimeter level, PVTS employs its own survey grade GPS  and TPS equipment to document land characteristics and create GIS models. These models are frequently used at all stages of land and vineyard development as well as in the annual agricultural management process.


Other services include management and marketing databases as they pertain to vineyard and winery operations. PVTS also provides education and training in GPS mapping and GIS software methods.


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2.) Providing GPS and GIS Training and Support to the Land Surveying, and GIS Mapping Professions:  



PVTS is now offering training and education in GPS and GIS methods to individuals, professionals and industry. Since January 2007, Reg Parks, PVTS principal, has developed and delivered GPS and GIS education and training as an adjunct instructor at both Napa Valley College and Santa Rosa Junior College as well as for municipalities and industry.


NOW, PVTS takes that education and training experience on the road to YOU, the client.


Call and inquire how we may provide personalized training in hardware and software methods at your jobsite, in your vineyard, at your firm or at your home office. PVTS will also conduct individual training at our Napa offices by appointment only.


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 3.) Vineyard Development and Land Development

 Consultation Services:


Formerly known as Parks Vineyard and Trellising Systems (PVTS), after ten (10) years of custom vineyard installations in difficult terrain, we  discontinued the Vineyard Development and Agricultural Construction division of the business. Drawing upon those ten (10) years of experience, PVTS continues to collaborate with local land surveyors, engineering firms, vineyard managers, soil scientists and crop consultants on various development projects. PVTS still specializes in providing GIS project mapping services to production and custom vineyard development projects of all sizes.   


Since 2003, by design, our vineyard development services are restricted to project management, GIS analysis for project management, and independent development consultation.


NOTE: We no longer provide direct agricultural construction or land development services. PVTS does not resell vineyard products or materials.